In today's cooperation-based environment, getting your message out is the backbone of any activity. Marmillion / Gray Media provides comprehensive strategic communications and creative services for campaigns, events, and day-to-day work within and outside of your organization.

Campaign Development & Management

  •     Message and Theme Development
  •     Candidate Image and Message Management
  •     TV and Radio Production
  •     Print Ads, Bumper Stickers, Yard Signs
  •     Media Placement
  •     Press Releases and Issue Response

Public Outreach

  • Issue Management and Message Development
  • Public Meeting Coordination
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Elected Official Outreach and Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Website and New Media Communications
  • Collateral Materials Design and Production

Public Relations

  • Community Relations
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Crisis Communications

Market Research

  • Branding
  • Focus Groups and Polling
  • Market Survey Analysis
  • Message Development


  • Event Design and Management
  • Program Development
  • Promotion and Publicity

Creative Services

  • Documentary Films
  • Promotional Videos
  • Corporate and Educational Videos
  • Television Advertising and Public Service Announcements
  • Logo and Brand Design
  • Graphic Design and Business Materials
  • New Media Strategies
  • Radio and TV Advertising
  • Print Advertisement, Brochure, Bumper Sticker, Signage
  • Website Development
  • Corporate and Educational Videos
  • Writing